Julian Jayaseela

Julian Jayaseela began his career in film, producing independent home movies. While working with NGOs he made numerous entertaining yet educational videos on health and the environment. He was instrumental in creating nationwide social awareness on HIV and AIDS during the initial years of the epidemic.

His first feature was producing BUKAK API, his expertise ensured that the film traveled outside of Malaysia. BUKAK API was screened to rave reviews at international film festivals and International AIDS Conferences where it won various awards and mentions. It remains a cult film and is still relevant in its depiction of Sex workers and transsexuals in a Muslim Malaysia.

After producing BUKAK API, Julian produced MALAIKAT DI JENDELA under the Finas funding scheme. This film also found its way into numerous film festivals including the ROTTERDAM INTERNASIONAL FILEM FESTIVAL and CANNES.

Besides film, Julian as produced for TV. He produced season six of SPANAR JAYA and ensured that ratings for the once popular sitcom were up again.

With Nuansa, he has produced TV series, teledramas, Government campaigns, Commercials, and 10 films of various genres such: action (Jiwa Taiko), romantic comedies (Sejoli, Cun!”), musical (Sinaran), horror (Jwanita), epic love stories (Langit Cinta, Kau Yang Satu). Under Julian’s leadership Nuansa is now a respected and commendable film and TV production house in the country.

Julian used to direct, write and act, now he does only what he is passionate about - producing. He is actively involved in social work and has just published his first novel.

Osman Ali

Osman Ali, a graduate of the Malaysian Film Academy (AFM) majoring in production and directing. During his terms at the Academy he was awarded the MOST PROMISING STUDENT AWARD. While still at school he completed three short films, one of which entitled ANAK HALAL won The BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM, MALAYSIAN VIDEO AWARD 2000.

Soon after completing his studies at AFM, Osman Ali directed the independent feature entitled BUKAK API. This controversial film was selected to enter numerous international film festivals, BUKAK API won the BEST FILM AWARD at the RED RIBBON MEDIA AWARD 2001. Osman Ali was then given the oppurtunity to write and direct a short film entitled MALAIKAT DI JENDELA by FINAS funding scheme. This film made waves locally and internatonally and was screened in many foreign film festivals including ROTTERDAM 2003 and CANNES 2004.

He continued to write and direct successful features for television and for the VCD market, such as TOLLGATE GIRL, DENGAN NAMA CINTA, INTAN MAHSURI, the RUMAH ITU DUNIA KU series and the straight to VCD entitled SURAT UNTUK BULAN.

Having established himself as a Director of caliber. Osman spread his wings in the arena of directingTV commercials. Among the TV commercials he directed are the prominent PETRONAS MERDEKA 2004, PETRONAS MERDEKARAYA 2004, KURNIA INSURANS RAYA 2004, KAMDAR RAYA 2005, ASTRO and TENAGA NASIONAL BERHAD 2006.

In 2006, Osman Ali completed his first two commercial theater releases entitled PUAKA TEBING BIRU and ANAK HALAL, both produced by Tayangan Unggul Sdn Bhd. In 2009 Osman completed the romantic comedy CUN! followed by Ombak Rindu in 2010. In 2011 he directed his 5th feature film entitled Jiwa Taiko.

Osman Ali has been awarded two awards by the Malaysian Film Festival the YOUNG ARTIST AWARD 2004 and the SPECIAL JURY AWARD FOR INTERNATIONAL ACHIVEMENT 2005.

In the last few years Osman directed Sejoli, Jwanita, Pilot Cafe, Sinaran, Langit Cinta, Kau Yang Satu and Pinjamkan Hati Ku. To date he has directed 14 commercial film. Osman Ali is a much sought after director whose work has withstood the test of time.